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Frequently asked Questions

How does Leisure for Life Membership work?

Leisure for Life offers all members the same level of unlimited leisure access at all Council Leisure Centres and pools.

This means:

  • Class
  • Swimming
  • Gym (including induction and instructor support)
  • Indoor sports (play as many games or squash or badminton as you like)
  • Health suites (use as often as you like - age restrictions in place)

Your level of access is standard - all you have to do is choose how you pay!

What are the payment options for Leisure for Life

Membership optionPRICE (Full paying adult)Price (concession: Junior/senior member, on qualifying benefits or rct council carer)Serving member of the armed forces
Pay in advance £370 £230 FREE
Committed 12-month membership (paid by direct debit) £38 £23 FREE
Non-committed monthly membership (paid by direct debit) £41.40 £25.65 FREE
Non-committed monthly membership (paid by cash) £48.65 £30 FREE

What if a number of my friends or family want to join?

Leisure for Life also has a fantastic family and friends saver option.

This means you can combine up to four direct debit memberships, pay from one bank account and secure savings of up to 20% on the total payment.

Savings are:

  • Four members - 20%
  • Three members - 15%
  • Two members - 10%

You can mix and match your membership options, so one of you may be on Leisure for Life committed while the other is on Leisure for Life concession. Simply come to us with your membership preferences and we will add the monthly costs together and then apply the discount to the direct debit payment.

In order to be part of this scheme, you must combine at least two memberships with your friends or family members.

The entire payment (with discount applied) must be paid by monthly direct debit and come out of one bank account.

What if my local leisure centre doesn't offer the class I want?

Your Leisure for Life Membership can be used at all leisure centres and has been designed to showcase the entire leisure services offer. This means you can attend any class you like at any leisure centre you like.

As part of the ongoing leisure review to drive up usage in order to avoid difficult decisions being made about the future of facilities, we have looked at opening times and timetables to ensure there is always a centre open and a good mix of morning, afternoon and evening leisure opportunities are on offer.

I don't want to commit to a year-long membership.

That's fine. If you prefer not to commit to a year-long membership, take advantage of the flexible monthly option or even visit your local leisure centre and try out a day pass.


Find out more by contacting us on 01443 562202 or email the Leisure for Life Team.