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Promoting your club

Why promote your club?

  • To attract new members and volunteers.
  • To raise your profile in the community.
  • To gain local and online support.
  • To find new sponsorship and funding.
  • To promote events and celebrate success.



People need to know:

  • Your club exists.
  • What you offer.
  • That you are looking for new members, volunteers and/or support.


Top Tips

  1. Utilise Social Media and your Online Community.
  2. Engage with your Local Community.
  3. Have dedicated volunteers responsible for promotion.



  • Facebook: closed group to communicate with members, public page to promote the club, create events and send invites.
  • Instagram: great for sharing photos and videos; use story function for temporary communication.
  • X/Twitter: short and simple updates, good for announcements and links with schools, NGBS and other clubs.
  • Other apps: YouTube (for videos and highlights), Whatsapp (create groups for members and parents), Team management apps such as Spond: share training/fixture details, confirm attendance, collect payments.

Be aware of online risks, use suitable content and protect members/followers with a social media policy.
Visit the Sport Wales website to see their Stay Safe Online content


  • School club links: engage with local school(s) to develop relationships and promote opportunities.
  • Local business links: recruit new members and/or volunteers or find even sponsorship and funding!
  • Events: provide social events both on and off the field for your members, wider community and partners.


How can we help?

  • Our website: we can advertise you on our sports club map and promote your volunteer opportunities!
  • Our social media: we will promote you and your opportunities to our followers!
  • Marketing Materials and Case Studies: we can help to create online/digital posters, videos and case studies. Click here to visit our case studies page. 
  • School-Club Links: our school team can help you link with local schools, colleges and universities.