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School Club Links


  • What do you need in place before contacting a school? DBS checks and qualified volunteers, a suitable club liaison, promotional materials.
  • What will you offer the school(s)? Flyers or digital copies to share via text/website/social media, taster sessions during or after school, a school visit or an event/festival.
  • How will you get new members? Promote details of your teams, use Sport RCT golden tickets to share training information.



  • Most communities including schools, may not know which clubs exist in their local area (or what you offer).
  • Communication is key to a good school club link, so having the right club liaison will help form a strong relationship with the school.
  • How your club can benefit the school by offering children the chance to try a new sport, helping them to increase their physical activity levels, providing an exit route into a community club, and promoting healthy living/well-being.


How can school club links work?

Clubs can...

  1. Provide a suitable club liaison to communicate with the school.
  2. Provide coaches (DBS checked and qualified) and equipment to deliver tasters at the school site.
  3. Provide suitable promotional materials for school to share.
  4. Deliver a satellite club on the school site (after school club) or provide an event/festival at the club.
  5. Familiarise themselves with the school’s needs (what sports/teams they offer and/or would like to offer).

Schools can...

  1. Promote the club within the school; distributing promotional materials and/or advertising to parents via text/social media/website.
  2. Provide facilities and available time slots for the club to visit and offer taster sessions.
  3. Provide a school contact to communicate with the club.
  4. Use sport/young ambassadors to promote the club to their other pupils.
  5. Promote the club as part of the school’s healthy living/well-being agenda.


Example: Read how we helped Rhondda Dodgeball to gain new junior members.


How can we help?

  • We will help your club to identify suitable schools.
  • We will introduce you to the school(s) and act as a liaison between school and club.
  • We will provide support with taster sessions and/or events (potentially providing coaches, equipment, facilities).
  • We will provide support with promotional materials (flyers, posters and golden tickets).