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Notice of Motions 2018-19

The following motions have been discussed and decided on:

Notices of Motions
MeetingDateMotion TitleProposerSeconderStatusDetails of Motion
 Council  27.06.18 Sepsis Public Awareness Campaign Cllr A.Calvert Cllr L.M Adams Approved Agenda 27.06.18 (agenda Item 8)
 Council  19.09.18 Voluntary Snow Wardens scheme Cllr P. Jarman Cllr S. Rees-Owen Referred to Public Service Delivery, Communities & Prosperity Committee. Agenda 19.09.18 ( agenda item 13)
 Council  24.10.18 Food produce register Cllr P Jarman Cllr. E Stephens Referred to Finance & Performance Scrutiny Committee Agenda 24.10.18 ( agenda item 15a)
 Council  24.10.18  Mental Health Awareness  Cllr. W. Treeby  Cllr. J. Harries Referred to Health & WellBeing Scrutiny Committee Agenda 24.10.18 ( Agenda item 15b)
 Council  28.11.18  Acquired Brain Injuries (ABI)  Cllr.W.Lewis  Cllr. G. Caple  Approved

 Agenda 28.11.18

(agenda Item 13)

 Council  16.01.19  Brexit  Cllr.M.Forey  Cllr.L.M.Adams  Approved

 Agenda 16.01.19

(agenda item 12a)

 Council  16.01.19  Police Funding  Cllr R.Smith  Cllr. R. Lewis  Approved

 Agenda 16.01.19

(agenda item 12b)

 Council  06.03.19  Royal British Legion  Cllr M Webber  Cllr J Harries  Approved

 Agenda 06.03.19

(item 14a)

 Council  06.03.19  Motor
Neurone Disease (MND)
 Cllr S Evans  Cllr M Norris


Referred to Health & WellBeing Scrutiny Committee

 Agenda 06.03.19

(Item 14b)

Council 27.03.19 Autism Bill Cllr J James Cllr L Hooper

 Approved. Referred to Health & Wellbeing Scrutiny Committee




Council 27.03.19  RNIB Cymru - Street Charter Toolkit Cllr P Jarman Cllr G Davies


 Agenda 27.03.19


Council 10.04.19  Petitions Committee Cllr P Jarman Cllr G Davies

 Not adopted

 Agenda 10.04.19


Council 10.04.19  Maternity Services - Cwm Taf UHB Cllr L.M Adams Cllr Y Yeo


 Agenda 10.04.19