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Payments (made to the Council) Privacy Notice

How we use your personal information when processing payments

The Council provides services for local communities and the people who live in them.  Undertaking this work means that we must collect and use information about the people we provide services to and keep a record of those services. Because we collect and use personal information about individuals we must make sure that they know what we intend to do with their information and who it may be shared with. 

We have summarised in this privacy notice some of the key ways in which we use your personal information when we processing payments that you make to us. This information should be read in conjunction with the Council’s corporate privacy notice.

1. Who we are, what we do.

The Council processes a large number of payments each day. These payments can relate to different things such goods, services or events etc. Examples include:

Statutory services & fines

  •   Council Tax
  •   Business Rates
  •   Parking Fines
  •   School Non-Attendance Fine
  •   Library fine (late return)

Goods & paid for services

  •   School dinners
  •   Bulky waste collection
  •   Lifeline rental 

Bookings & events

  •   Theatre / cinema tickets
  •   Leisure bookings
  •   Paid event tickets – e.g. Nos Galan Races, Classic Car Show
  •   Room hire

Payments can be made in a number of ways depending on how you contact us and what the payment relates to:

  •   On-line for example via the Council or a trusted third party website
  •   In person – for example at a Leisure Centre or theatre
  •   In person at a self-service kiosk at a One4aLL Centre
  •   Over the telephone either by using our automated payment service or by speaking to an advisor.

Payments can also be made via a number of payment methods such as cash, cheque, postal order, debit and credit card etc.

2. What and whose personal information we hold?

The personal information we process will vary depending how you contact us, your method of payment and what the payment is for. Typically we will process the following information:

  •   Name, address, email address 
  •   Reference number (where applicable) 
  •   Supporting information (e.g. description of what the payment is for) 
  •   Payment method details such as:
    • Credit/Debit card   payments - credit/debit card number, card issue / expiry date, issue number, CSV number etc.
    • Cheque – bank name, sort code, account number etc.

3. Where does the service get my information from? 

We collect the above information directly from the person making the payment. Sometimes this is the account holder (e.g. Council Tax payer) or a person making a payment on another person’s behalf (e.g. a parent making a payment for their child school dinner monies).

4. What we will do with your personal information? 

We will use the information to:

  •   Process your payment  
  •   Allocate your payment to the correct account
  •   Send / provide you with a receipt if required.
  •   Contact you in relation to any queries.

Where your payment relates to a service, booking or event we may also use your information to:

  •   Make / confirm your booking
  •   Arrange the service you have requested e.g. bulky waste
  •   Send you tickets or booking confirmation 
  •   Reserve a seat for you at the event (where applicable)
  •   Contact you in relation to the event e.g. change or date, time etc.

5. What is the legal basis for the use of this information? 

Data Protection law says that we are allowed to use and share personal information only where we have a proper and lawful reason for doing so. Our lawful basis for processing personal information for the above purposes is:

Goods / Paid for Services

  •   Lawful basis: Contract

Statutory Services & Fines

  •   Lawful basis: to fulfil our legal obligations / statutory duties

Booking & Events

  •   Lawful basis: Contract

6. Does the service share my personal information with any other organisation?

Our payment processing systems are provided by a number of third party software suppliers as listed below. Information is processed by them for the above purposes.

  • Gladstone (Leisure Bookings)
  • CIVICA UK Limited  (payments made via our automated telephone payment service, taken by agents in our Customer Contact Centre and on-line via the Councils website)
  • KPR Midlink (payments made via our self-service payment kiosk)

We also work closely with Banks, Building Societies, and Payment Card Industry Agencies.

We sometimes use ticketing agents who promote our events and sell tickets to those events on our behalf. These include:


When  purchasing a ticket via one of our trusted third party ticketing agents we encourage you to read their privacy notice in addition to this notice, so that you are clear about how your personal information may also be used by them.

7. Your information, your rights

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) gives you important rights, including the right to access the personal information the services hold about you.

View further details on your information rights and how to exercise them.

8. Contact Us

If you have any concerns or would like to know more about how the Council uses your personal information when receipting your payment, please contact the relevant service.