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Comparing Council Performance

How we compare with other Councils in Wales

As well as looking at data that shows our performance and improvement over periods of time, we also look at how other Councils in Wales are performing.  In this way, we can learn from best in Wales, better understand where we need to improve, set more challenging targets, focus resources, and make efficiencies or consider service changes to improve performance.  Some data that evidences our progress appears in our Quarterly Performance Reports to Cabinet.

There have been changes to some national data arrangements as a result of the pandemic.  These arrangements are currently being reviewed by national bodies such as the Welsh Government and Data Cymru.

 In the meantime, we consider information from other existing and new data sets.  For example, through

  • Data Cymru, we can access free publicly available data from Infobase Cymru which takes national information and allows easy access to the wide range of current and projected data/information about Council areas in Wales, divided into themes including, people, economy, education, health, housing, environment, and transport and community safety which can be used for information and in some cases comparison.  The System holds and displays data about Wales at a local authority level to a local area level that can be viewed through maps, tables and reports.
  • Welsh Government’s Stats Wales, we can access free publicly available data for the whole of Wales, not just Councils.  Stats Wales system covers nearly 1,000 datasets, including key information on Wales’ population, economy, government spending and performance as well as the environment, education, transport and health.
  • We also use adhoc data arising from other sources as they arise, to further challenge and compare different aspect if community need and performance, e.g. the Tackling Poverty in Wales Data Tool in respect of seven dimensions of poverty, published by Audit Wales in November 2021, to accompany its National Report- Time for Change- Poverty in Wales.  Data Cymru also published a similar Data snap shot of a View of Poverty by Local Authority.

    It is important that at all times we also look ahead to what changes we can expect in our population in future so that services can plan ahead.  Long Term thinking is one of the Key Themes arising from the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015.  One of the sources we use for this purpose is the Welsh Government’s

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    Page revised March 2023