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Comparing council performance

How do we know how we compare to other Council’s in Wales?

Data Cymru  provides a user friendly interactive tool 'MyLocalCouncil' which allows the public, Councillors, officers and partners to easily compare councils’ performance across Wales and over time.

How do we use other Council's data?

We use other Council’s data to see how our services have performed compared to the rest of Wales, and if we are getting better or worse over time.  This helps us to better understand where we need to improve, set more challenging targets, focus resources, and make efficiencies or consider service changes to improve performance.

 In Rhondda Cynon Taf, the data we consider tells us whether the Council is:

  • Better or Worse than the average performance across Wales (Welsh Average), and
  • amongst the Best or Worst in Wales.
This information is included in our quarterly performance reports so that we can compare our performance.

To see how we currently compare to the rest of Wales please view our summary, which compares our 2018-19 performance to the rest of Wales.

Other useful sources of comparable data

StatsWales is the Welsh Government’s free-to-use online resource for all data in Wales, not just for Councils.  It allows users to view and manipulate datasets on-screen as well as produce charts.  Data can be downloaded in a variety of formats and can be saved and shared. The system covers nearly 1,000 datasets, including key information on Wales’ population, economy, education, government spending and performance as well as the environment, transport and health.

InfoBaseCymru - provides quick easy access to information for all local Councils in Wales. The information is divided into themes including, people, economy, education, health, housing, environment, and transport and community safety. It holds and displays data about Wales from local authority level to a local area level that can be viewed through maps, tables and reports.

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