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The Council's Corporate Plan

The Council’s Corporate Plan 2024-2030, ‘Working with our Communities’, was agreed by Council in April 2024.


‘Working with our Communities’ sets out our four Well-being Objectives and underpinning priorities.

Our Well-being Objectives:

  1. PEOPLE AND COMMUNITIES - Supporting and empowering RCT residents and communities to live safe, healthy, and fulfilling lives.
  2. WORK AND BUSINESS - Helping to strengthen and grow RCT’s economy.
  3. NATURE AND THE ENVIRONMENT - A green and clean RCT that improves and protects RCT’s environment and nature.
  4. CULTURE, HERITAGE AND WELSH LANGUAGE - Recognising and celebrating RCT’s past, present and future.

 The Corporate Plan also sets out our Vision for an RCT where ‘All people, communities, and businesses can grow and live in a healthy, green, safe, vibrant, and inclusive County Borough where they can achieve their full potential in all aspects of their lives and work, both now and in the future’.

Our Vision, Well-being Objectives and priorities can only be delivered by a well-run Council.  This means, a Council that has a positive organisational culture, that values its staff, manages its resources wisely and looks to continually improve what we do to have the best impact for residents and meet the many challenges we face.  Within the Plan, we have also set out commitments to residents, staff and partners.

All Councils in Wales must comply with many laws that guide our work.  These laws include the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015 (WFG Act)  which among other things, requires Councils to set Well-being Objectives. The Well-being Objectives set out within our Corporate Plan are clearly aligned to improving the economic, social, environmental and cultural Well-being of RCT.

For the 'Easy Read' version of the Plan, please click here.

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