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The Council's Corporate Plan

Corporate Plan
The Council’s Corporate Plan, Making A Difference, sets out our priorities and directs everything we do.

Our vision is to make Rhondda Cynon Taf ‘the best place in Wales to live, work and play, where people and businesses are independent, healthy and prosperous’.The Council is committed to delivering three main priorities:·         

  • Ensuring People: are independent, healthy and successful;·         
  • Creating Places: where people are proud to live, work and play;·         
  • Enabling Prosperity: creating the opportunity for people and businesses to: be innovative; be entrepreneurial; and fulfil their potential and prosper.

The Plan sets out how we will do this and for ease of access a summary version is also available.

More detail about how we set our priorities and report our progress.

The Council’s previous Corporate Plan which ran from 2016 - 2020 was The Way Ahead