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Care Inspectorate Wales Assurance Survey

Between 24th and 28th May 2021, Care Inspectorate Wales (CIW) are carrying out an Assurance check of RCT Social Services response to the Pandemic.
Take part in the survey via the link below:

The purpose of this “up to five day assurance check” is to review how well Local Authority Social Services continue to help adults, children and carers at this difficult time and our plans for sustainability of services into the future.

The focus is on:

  • How well are Local Authorities discharging their statutory functions to keep people who need care and support and carers who need support, safe and promote their well-being during the pandemic.
  • How well Local Authorities prevent the need for children to come in to care; and are children returning home to their families quickly enough, where safe to do so.

Lines of enquiry

The review will seek to answer the following questions within the principles of the 2014 Act:

People - voice and control - How well are Local Authorities ensuring people, carers and practitioners are having their voices heard, making informed choices, and maintaining control over their lives? How is this balanced with the recommendations and requirements made by Public Health Wales and Welsh Government? Can the Local Authority demonstrate learning is used to inform new ways of working?

Prevention - To what extent are Local Authorities successful in promoting prevention and reducing need for increased or formal support from statutory agencies? Including taking all necessary steps to support the upbringing of the child by the child’s family and supporting people with mental health issues before they reach crisis.

Well-being - To what extent are Local Authorities promoting well-being, ensuring people maintain their safety and achieve positive outcomes that matter to them? Including timely step down of children from local authority care, supporting older people to return home from hospital.

Partnerships - To what extent are Local Authorities able to assure themselves the step change in opportunities for partnership working are positively exploited to maximise person-centred planning, ensure integrated service delivery and service sustainability. Opportunities include recent learning from digital advances, partnership working and ability of the health and social care system to advance at scale and pace and work towards a Healthier Wales.