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Treorchy Flood Alleviation Consultation

Based on national assessment of present-day risk, Treorchy is identified as the third highest risk community in Wales for surface water and ordinary watercourse flood risk. The 2020 flooding events have further identified Treorchy as a priority area to undertake flood alleviation works.

The Treorchy Flood Alleviation Scheme aims to develop and deliver a programme of flood alleviation measures in accordance with Welsh Government Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management business case guidance and the Future Generations of Wales Act to reduce the risk of flooding.

To date, the RCT appointed consultant, Redstart, has screened and analysed several options, undertaking a technical and economic appraisal.  This process has produced a preferred option for further development.

During this consultation, all stakeholders will have the opportunity to review details of the preferred option online and to attend an in-person consultation to be held at the Park and Dare Theatre in Treorchy (on the 10th and 11th of October 2023). The project team will deliver scheduled presentations in order to provide a concise overview of the proposal and answer questions from attendees. 


This consultation closed on the  23rd October 2023.