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Digital Champions

A Digital Champion is someone who helps others with their computer, tablet, phone or any other device they use to connect to the internet

You may already be the Digital Champion for your family or group of friends and may have a little time to help others in your community.  With 23% of people not online in RCT we are doing what we can to make sure people are not left behind in an increasingly digital world.

Who can be a Champion?

Anyone who is confident using the internet and who is able to make a commitment, large or small, to help people get online can become a champion.

What will you get as a Digital Champion?

  • This is a volunteer role, so you can be flexible in when you are available. Based at one of our Digital Fridays sessions at one of the borough’s libraries or other community venues you will meet new people and provide valuable assistance.
  • Apart from getting satisfaction at helping others learn some of the most important skills on the planet, you can also add something invaluable to your CV. Or maybe you simply love working with technology and get inspired showing others the best of the internet.
  • You will also have the opportunity to learn new skills yourself. If you’re looking for work, this is a great way to gain experience.

Who will you be helping?

  • Most people you will be helping may not have used a computer before or, if they have, they are likely to still have questions. Some might want to know the basics (turning on a computer and using a mouse), some will have questions about the internet, and some will be looking for assistance with completing forms online.
  • You will also be offered the opportunity to support a number of events within community settings.

What will you need?

  • You must have good, basic computer skills.
  • You will be confident using the internet.
  • You are enthusiastic about the things the internet can do to make life easier, more enjoyable and save money.
  • You have patience and an eagerness to support people who are new to the internet (showing people that computers aren’t something to be scared of!).
  • You should be willing to travel within RCT borough for training (although we will keep this to a minimum).

Take the next step

If you would like to sign up as a Digital Champion please visit our partner organisation – Digital Communities Wales and fill out the short form