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Case Study - Cai Grant

Cai-Cai is a Care Assistant, he’s been working in social care for around two years and really enjoys his job working with adults who have challenging behaviours in Residential Care. He has also worked with people in Dementia Care. Cai started out working in the kitchen of a residential care home.

“I was working in the kitchen at the residential home and I realised that I enjoyed talking and interacting with the residents more than I enjoyed the cooking. That’s when
I decided to do a care training course instead”.

Cai did a training course recommended to him and at this point, he also volunteered to work with Dementia patients.

His daily work is varied, with no two days being the same. “We take people out swimming and bowling, for lunch to McDonalds and then for a drink to chill. If we didn’t take them out then they wouldn’t socialise outside of the residential home, they wouldn’t get the social interactions.

So, I think we’re making a real difference”. Cai’s favourite part of his job is building relationships and talking to the people he cares for, “sometimes it’s hard, but it’s also really rewarding”.