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Activating your Lifeline or Telecare alarm

Using community alarms and/or telecare technology can help people of any age and ability to live independently, safely and securely in their own home.

It also gives family and friends peace of mind that they can be contacted in an emergency. Additionally, carers pagers can be provided which alert live-in carers only when help is needed allowing them precious respite from their caring role.

Activating your Lifeline alarm

It is important to wear your pendant whenever you are in your home and garden, the pendant is showerproof, so there is no need to remove it when you are having a shower.

If you feel unwell or have a fall, you should press the red button on your pendant and this will trigger a call through to the Councils 24 hour Lifeline Monitoring Centre.  The unit will speak to you as it dials to reassure you that it is calling for help.

One of our friendly Lifeline operators will answer your call and speak to you via the two way monitor on the Lifeline unit.  They will ask you what is wrong and what you would like them to do.

The operator will then take the appropriate action, for example contacting one of your emergency contacts to come and help, or if appropriate ringing the emergency services.

If you are too far away from the unit to hear the operator or if they are unable to hear you, the operator will ring you on your landline to try to make contact.  If this is unsuccessful, the operator will contact one of your emergency contacts and ask them to visit you as soon as possible.

In instances, where none of your emergency contacts can be contacted, our operator will contact the police to visit you to check that everything is ok.

If you have pressed your pendant by mistake, it doesn't matter as we will simply check you are okay and close the call as a 'false alarm'.

Misuse of your pendant

Please remember that your pendant should only be pressed in emergencies and not misused in any way, for example by repeated pressing or for asking the time or where your remote control is.

Unfortunately, repeated misuse of your pendant may result in the service being withdrawn.

Digital Switchover

Find out more about the digital switchover and how it will affect Lifeline Customers?

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