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Testing your Lifeline and Telecare equipment

To ensure your safety, it is important that any equipment installed is in full working order at all times.

How to test your Lifeline Equipment

Once a month simply press your pendant to make a test call to our Lifeline Monitoring Centre, a friendly operator will answer your call, speak to you and close it appropriately as a test call.

If the battery is running low in your pendant, the test call triggers a silent low battery alert to our Lifeline Monitoring Centre enabling them to arrange an installer to come out and change the battery (free of charge). If your Lifeline unit is unplugged or switched off at the point, our Lifeline Monitoring Centre be alerted to this fact and an operator will contact you or your named contact to plug the system back in. 

If the fault is not due to a lack of power to the system, an installer will book an appointment to rectify the fault.

How to test your Telecare Equipment

Telecare sensors are powered by batteries and send an automatic (silent) low battery alarm to the Lifeline Monitoring Centre when they need changing. An appointment will then be made for an engineer to attend to replace the battery (free of charge).

Some equipment that we install is classed as 'Life Critical' and this equipment needs testing once a month.  Before install, you will need to identify and seek agreement from one of your main contacts to carry out these tests. They should also be able to attend the install as advice and guidance will be given on how to carry out these tests at this point.

What is Life critical equipment?

Life critical equipment includes:

  • lifeline pendants 
  • carbon Monoxide detectors
  • fall detectors
  • heat sensors 
  • smoke detectors

Digital Switchover

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