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What is a review?

When you are looked after, people including yourself and your family need to meet up on a regular basis to make sure that your care and support plan is meeting your needs, and to discuss and agree any changes that might need to be made to it; this is what a review meeting is for.

What does an Independent Reviewing Officer do?

An Independent Reviewing Officer (IRO) runs the review meeting to make sure it's fair and everybody has a chance to be involved, to ask questions and say how they feel, especially you.

How often do I have a review meeting?

Your first review should happen within 4 weeks of you becoming looked after. Your second review should happen 3 months later and then your reviews will be held at least every 6 months after that to make sure you are being cared for and given the best opportunities. You can ask for your reviews to take place more often if you want.

Who would be at my reviews?

It varies depending on your circumstances but here are some people who may be at your review:

  • Independent Reviewing Officer (Chairs the meeting)
  • Your Social Worker/Aftercare Worker
  • Your parents
  • Your foster carer/family member/key workers
  • Someone from School or College
  • Someone from health services
  • An Advocate who attends the meeting with you or for you to help represent your views
  • Children’s Guardian

You can tell your social worker or foster carer if there is anyone that you want or do not want to be at your review meeting. Sometimes you and the IRO may agree that somebody can stay for part of the review but not all of it.

Do I have to go to my review meetings?

Your review meetings are all about you, and to see how you and others think things are going.  It is really important that you contribute to your reviews so that everybody knows how you feel.

However, no one can make you go to your review meetings if you really don’t want to and you don’t have to stay for the whole meeting if you don’t want to. If you want you can ask an advocate to attend with your or speak on your behalf.

How can I have a say about what’s happening in my life?

Not everyone likes speaking in front of groups of people so taking part in your review might be a scary thought. There are lots of different ways you can let your IRO and social worker know how you feel. You could;

  • Come to your review meeting
  • Fill in a Consultation Review Form (either online or paper copy)
  • Ring your IRO before the meeting
  • Meet with your IRO in private before the review
  • Invite an advocate to attend the review to put forward your views.

Consultation Booklets

One of the easiest ways for you to have your say is by filling in the Review Consultation Booklet.

You can fill this form in online;

The form asks you about what is happening in your life and your views, wishes and feelings. If you complete the form online, it will be sent straight to your IRO through a secure online system with just a click of the button!

You can also download the review booklets to fill in and send to you IRO

What happens after my review meeting?

After your review, your IRO should send you and everyone else a copy of what was talked about and any decisions that were made. If you don’t understand what has been written or you want to talk about the meeting, you can ask to speak to your social worker or your IRO.

Who is my Independent Reviewing Officer?

If you would like to have a chat with your Independent Reviewing Officer before your next meeting or would like a Review Consultation Booklet sent to you in the post, please send an email to

Please put your name and date of birth and your Independent Reviewing Officer will get in touch.