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Request for CCTV images for legal proceedings

Access to CCTV footage under Schedule 2, Para 5 of the Data Protection Act 2018 is discretionary but may be allowed if the disclosure is in connection with legal proceedings for the purposes of obtaining legal advice, or for the purpose of establishing, exercising or defending legal rights. Schedule 2, Para 5 requests are most commonly made by for example Insurance Companies when dealing with a motor vehicle claim.

How do I make a request for CCTV footage?

All requests must be made in writing e.g. letter, email etc.  The Council will not respond to a request made verbally.

Insurance Company CCTV request form can be accessed here

Solicitors CCTV request form can be accessed here

Does the Council charge a fee?

Yes. A £10 non-refundable fee applies for conducting the search.

Cheques should be made payable to RCTCBC and should accompany your request.

Searches will not commence until the form is fully complete and the relevant fee has been received.

What information should I provide when making the request?

All of the information we require is stated on the form. This includes information about you, the organisation you work for, the footage you require and the reason for the request.  

Providing us with as much information as possible on the form will help us locate the footage you are requesting more easily, enabling us to respond to your request more quickly.

Where should the request be sent?

The request can be emailed to RCTCBC or posted to:

Rheoli gwybodaeth/Information Management  
Canolfan Hamdden Rhondda Fach|Rhondda Fach Leisure Centre
CF43 3HR

Cheques should be posted to the above address.

What happens when the Council receives the request?

Upon receipt of your request we will check the details to ensure that we have everything we need to proceed with your request. If we have all the information we need your request will be validated. We will then write to you (usually by email if you have provided us with your email address, if not letter) providing a reference number for your request and a date by which you can expect to receive a response.

If we do not have all of the information we need to proceed with your request we will contact you to obtain further information. This may be by email, telephone or letter depending on the contact information you have provided to with. 

How will I receive the information?

We will provide the footage to you via a secure portal. You will be provided with instructions on how to access the footage once it has been uploaded to the portal.

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