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Case Study: Elderly Lady

Case Study: Internal & external stairlift, and Wetroom

When it was decided that an elderly lady (Mum) would move into her daughters’ home, due to (Mum’s) care needs, an assessment of the home was carried out by an Occupational Therapist to ensure the home was suitable for Mum’s needs. To be able to provide adequate care for Mum, it was established that both an internal and external stairlift were needed, a renovation of the current bathroom into a wet room and the installation of a downstairs toilet. These adaptations were vital for Mum’s independence, privacy and comfort. The adaptations would support the daughter to best meet Mum’s caring needs

These disabled facilities grant works were carried out in conjunction with Empty Homes Grant that the daughter had been awarded for the house. The empty homes grant allowed the house to be rewired, new floorboards and ceilings installed, a damp proof course and a restructure of the upstairs layout.

The work achieved through the combination of the Disabled Facilities Grant the Empty Homes Grant made it a safe, comfortable and supportive home for both Mum & Daughter to live in.