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We’re looking for individuals with the right values, who are passionate about providing stable and positive environments for children and young people.

The role will require you to have care and welfare at the core of your practice, ensuring that you are reliable, consistent, engaged, and supportive in relationships with children, young people and colleagues. In this role you will work creatively and innovatively, providing care which will include a high level of active engagement in activities and direct work. If you are a team player with excellent communication skills, who is motivated to expand your knowledge through training and undertaking the relevant qualifications alongside the role then find out more about our Residential service below!

About the service

Our Residential Services provide care and support to children and young people between the ages of 6-18 years. Residential staff teams are committed to improving the lived experiences and providing positive opportunities to those who are unable to live with their family at the current time or require respite.                                                                 

Individual plans are designed to facilitate reunification with families, transition into foster placement, or to support the development of life skills in preparation for independent living. Our short break service, supports disabled children and their families, providing short stays which focus on accessible, positive activities and experiences with a ‘can do’ approach, utilising the PACE model of care.

Our Residential teams are trained and supported to deliver care using the Trauma Recovery ModelStaff have direct access to psychology led therapeutic support, in the application of the model.This model of care combines theories of child development, neuroscience and attachment. It provides practitioners with an understanding of what interventions to employ and when, within the young person’s journey of recovery and personal growth. 

“I love my job, I am fully supported in my role and encouraged to progress with the variety of training and development opportunities offered to us, I adore working with amazing young people and a great team” – Residential Child Care Practitioner

Residential Roles

All roles include working together with colleagues from a range of service areas and organisations to provide and maintain a safe and secure living and learning environment that promotes the healthy growth, development, safety, and welfare of children.

Residential Childcare Practitioner - £28,770 (Grade 7)

Residential Child Care Practitioners, (RCCP) have a responsibility for providing meaningful and safe professional care for all children who live at the home, relating to regulations, standards, local authority policy and codes of professional conduct. The role also includes working actively with families, colleagues and professionals from many services and organisations to ensure care and support is personalised to meet individual needs. Much of the role is spent supporting individuals to work through their experiences, with the goal of aiding recovery and building resilience, to achieve their personal goals.

Successful applicants will be fully funded to receive the necessary training and support required to undertake the role. Those who do not already hold the relevant qualification will be supported to achieve the QCF Level 3 Diploma in Health and Social Care (Children and Young People) within 2 years of appointment.

Senior Residential Child Care Practitioner - £33,945 (Grade 9)

As a member of the management team the Senior is flexible in assisting the Home Manager in ensuring that meaningful and safe care is provided to all children who live in the home in accordance with the RISCA regulations, local authority policy, standards and code of professional conduct. Senior’s ensure that all staff build strong, engaging and supportive relationships with the children, through providing daily support to the team and formal supervision.

Successful applicants must hold a Level 3 Health and Social Care Practice Award, or predecessor qualification, NVQ Level 3 Children and Young People.

Home Manager - £41,496 (Grade 12)

The Residential Manager is responsible for all aspects of the management of the home and for ensuring that meaningful and safe care is provided to all children. Managers are responsible for ensuring that high standards of professional care are promoted and maintained and that the home is run in accordance with regulations, associated legislation, and the code of professional conduct. 

Managers have overall oversight of all matters pertaining to the home and are required to risk assess and match admissions into the home. Home Managers are responsible for developing and maintaining the provision of a 24 hour, 7-day service, which can respond to meeting the needs of the children and ensuring that the team is supported to manage the demands of the role.

Successful applicants must hold a Level 5 Leadership and Management (Residential Children and Young People) Award.  You must also have significant experience in residential childcare, with a minimum of 5 years’ experience, 2 of which must have been at a supervisory level.


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