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Purchase a spare seat

Before you apply

It is really important that you read the latest information about the school transport service during the COVID-19 pandemic Schools latest - Information and advice

Making an application

The Council is now able to begin the process of opening up sale of seat applications. 

Applications to purchase a seat will be significantly limited, taking into consideration the need for social distancing on the vehicle between the driver / passenger assistant and the learners. It is likely that there will be some schools where there are no seats available to be purchased.

Applications open Monday 26 July 2021. You will need to apply to purchase a seat on school transport by completing an on-line application or by contacting Customer Services on 01443 425001.

  • Applications received before Monday 26 July 2021 will not be considered.
  • All sections of the form must be completed fully. Part completed forms cannot be processed.
  • Completion of an application form does not guarantee that you will be sold a seat. Spare seats are limited and demand may outstrip availability.
  • Spare seats are sold on a first come first served basis.
  • Please do not contact the Council to check on the progress of your application. Please be assured that if and when a seat becomes available to be sold to you, you will be contacted accordingly
Make your application to purchase a spare seat

What Happens Next?

Should a seat become available for sale, you will be e-mailed with instructions on how to access the Council’s online payment system. The e-mail will also include your child’s reference number, which you will need before the payment can be processed. Only when payment is received will the seat be released. In exceptional circumstances customers can submit a written request to pay via monthly instalments.  Such requests are dealt with on a case by case basis.

Should you be sold a seat, and the number of eligible children that are entitled to travel on the service increases during the term, the situation may arise whereby there would be insufficient seats and your child’s entitlement to travel would have to be withdrawn. If this situation were to occur, then a ‘pro rata’ refund would be made to you for the remainder of the term.

No refunds will be given if your child needs to self-isolate or if a school closes. A refund cannot be processed for secondary schools unless the bus pass is returned.   

The current cost of the seat for remaining academic year is £130.20 is either charged in full for the remainder of the academic year or pro rata in accordance with the date of release of the seat. Any customer who has failed to pay for seats in previous years will not be sold a seat for the 2021/22 academic year.

The Council operates a zero tolerance policy, any customer found to be verbally abusive or threatening towards Council employees will have their application to purchase a seat removed. Any subsequent correspondence will be conducted in writing and not verbally.