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Lining your food waste caddy

Lining your small food waste caddy will help keep it clean and odour free. It is recommended that you line your caddy with old newspaper or kitchen towel before putting your food waste bag in. This helps to absorb the moisture build up and helps to prevent your bags from splitting. This is because moisture and liquids make the bags biodegrade faster.
You must use a compostable material to line it.

You can use newspaper

Newspaper is compostable and biodegradable, so using it to line your caddy is a good way to re-use waste. This can be placed in to your food waste recycling bag/outdoor caddy when you empty your small caddy. 

You can use kitchen roll

Kitchen roll is compostable and biodegradable and once you empty your small caddy you can place it in to your food waste recycling bag/outside caddy. 

Please DON'T use blue roll or any textiles to line your caddy as this would contaminate your food waste recycling. 

Where can I get food waste bags?

The Council provides small food waste caddy liners free of charge and these can be collected from a number of distribution point across Rhondda Cynon Taf.

The Council's food waste bags are 100% compostable and are certified as BS EN 13432:2000. 

Get to Know Your Caddies

Food waste bags are made from a corn-starch material and therefore will not last as long as a plastic bag.  They will naturally start to biodegrade (weaken) the longer that they are stored, for this reason please do not overstock your household. If you have food waste bags that have been stored for an extended period, these bags are likely to be brittle and more likely to tear and split, especially if they are being overfilled. Distribution points are continuously being stocked with new, improved and strengthened, biodegradable bags. Residents are advised to use these new bags where possible. 

New Improved Food Waste Bags/liners


Outdoor/Large Food Waste Caddy Bags/Liners

The Council has improved the strength of the small food waste recycling bag making them less likely to split and break.  The large food bags were therefore discontinued in Spring 2023. The one bag for food waste will make food recycling easier plus it also helps save the Council around £0.5M per year.  Improved food bags are still free and can be collected from local distribution points.

Residents must ensure that they use 100% compostable liners, usually made out of corn starch, potato starch or paper, certified as BS EN 13432:2000. Some plastic bags are sold as biodegradable, but this does not mean they will break down quickly enough during the recycling process and will contaminate the food waste, so only use bags which carry the correct logos.

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CLEAR recycling bags are NOT compostable and CAN'T be used to line food waste caddies.