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Recycling and Waste - Find your collection day

The Council has now moved to 3 weekly general waste collections. Residents may now have a new collection day for general waste and recycling, you can check this below.

Please enter your location below to find your recycling and waste collection dates.

During Christmas and New Year, periods of inclement weather or other un-planned service closures, bin collection days may change. For further details of these changes view our Bad Weather and Bank Holiday Service Changes page. There are NO changes to Bin Collection Days following other Bank Holidays

How often is your recycling and waste collected?

  • recyclable items (food waste, dry recycling, nappy recycling and green waste (March to October)) - weekly
  • black bags/bins - three weekly
  • green waste (November to March) - Bookable

Putting your recycling or waste out for collection;


Put your recycling or waste out for collection anytime between 7.00pm the night before and 7.00am on the morning of your normal collection day.


Place your recycling or waste at your bin/bag/sacks collection points, do not obstruct walkways or drop kerb access points.