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In Year Transfers Information and Advice

In Year Transfers

Any request to change schools during the academic year must be made by contacting your current school or the School Admissions Team.

Please contact the Headteacher of the school your child currently attends in order to discuss any issues. Should you wish to proceed with the transfer arrangements, you should contact the School Admissions Team (01443 281111) or email School Admissions for advice.

In considering your request for transfer, the Authority will review the number of places available in the year group relevant to your child(ren).

Important Information

For pupils in Years 10 and 11 of Secondary School, contact must first be made with the Headteacher of the school your child currently attends. This will enable an ‘Intention to transfer school form’ to be provided by the Headteacher to start the transfer process. Only your child’s current school can provide this ‘Intention to transfer school form’, which must be completed jointly between parents(s)/carer(s) and the school. Where the reason for the transfer request is not due to a house move or foster care placement, parents/carers will be invited to attend a meeting where representatives from both schools (current school, requested school) and an Local Authority Officer will be present to offer information, advice and guidance.

Parents/carers should note, however, that curriculum option choices and examination syllabuses vary from school to school and it may not be possible for your child’s choices to be met at a different school. This may prove particularly problematic for those pupils leading up to examination such as those in Years 10/11, who are due to sit GCSEs and those taking AS/A Levels.