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Applying for a school place

Applications for a school place need to be made at various stages of a child's education - Pre-Nursery, Nursery, Reception, Infant/Junior Transfers and Secondary.

Please note that not all mobile devices (iphones / iPads and android phones / tablets) are compatible with the online admissions system and the software company that provides the system recommend the use of a PC or laptop.  If you do not have access to your own PC/Laptop, you can use one for free in any of our Libraries

Please be aware that applications for voluntary-aided (church) schools need to be made directly to the required school.  Contact details can be found in the Starting School Book 2020-21 

Please be aware that the Citizen Portal is offline between the hours of 10.00pm until 12.00 midnight every evening.  Unfortunately, no online applications can be made during these times.  Apologies, for any inconvenience this may cause.

To contact the school admissions team, please email

All children are entitled to a part time Nursery place from the start of the term following their third birthday.

All children are entitled to a Nursery place from the September following their third birthday.

* Please note that applications for Nursery places for September 2020 have now closed 


Children start the Reception class in Infant or Primary Schools the September following their fourth birthday.

* Please note that applications for Reception places for September 2020 have now closed 



Children in Year 2 of an Infant School need to apply for a place at a Junior or Primary School.

* Please note that applications for infant to junior places for September 2020 have now closed 

Children start Secondary School in the September following their eleventh birthday.
If you decide that you would like your child to transfer from one school to another, please contact their present Headteacher to dicsuss decision.  


The Rhondda Cynon Taf Admission Forum plays a key role in ensuring a fair admissions system that is easy and straightforward for parents to understand.



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