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Online School Admissions Applications - Frequently Asked Questions

A list of frequently asked questions regarding your online application

  • QWho can apply online?

A: Online admissions applications are  available  for applications for places in Nursery, Reception, Infant to Junior/Primary School (Year3) and Year 7 of Secondary schools for September 2022.

From September 2021, parents can also apply online for pre-nursery places for January 2022 and can apply in January 2022 for pre-nursery places for April 2022.

  • QHow do I make an online application?

A: Applying online is easy.  Follow these steps :-

  1. Visit
  2. Register with a valid e-mail address.
  3. Follow the instructions on the online application web pages.
  • QWhat information will I need to make an online application?

A: To apply online, you will need :-

  1. Your child’s correct date of birth.
  2. A valid e-mail address.
  • QDo I need to have Parental Responsibility for the child to be able to apply for a school place?

A: Only persons holding parental responsibility for the named child are able to make an application and they will be required to make a declaration to this effect as part of the application process.  Ordinarily, it is expected that this person resides at the same address as the child and is referred to as the parent for admissions purposes.  Where parental responsibility is equally shared, the council will ask the child’s parents to determine which parent should submit the application.  If parents cannot agree and neither has obtained a court order stating who should be making the application, the council will accept an application from the parent in receipt of Child Benefit for the child.  The Council is not in a position to intervene in disputes between parents over school applications and will request that these are resolved privately.  If an application is received from a Step Parent, they will need to produce a parental responsibility order confirming that they have parental responsibility.  Such documentation is required to proceed with processing the application.

  • QWhere can I make an online application?

A: Online applications can be made from most devices with Internet connectivity.

If you do not have access to your own computer and you wish to apply online, you can access the Internet, free of charge at any Rhondda Cynon Taf library.

  • QI have filled in the online form to register, but I have not received a confirmation e-mail

A: It is possible that the e-mail has been quarantined by anti-spam measures put in place by your Internet Service Provider or by settings in your e-mail account.

  • QThe link in the registration e-mail to validate my online account will not work. I cannot click on it

A: As an alternative to clicking on the link in the email, try copy and pasting the full link (including the https:// part) directly into the address field in your browser.

If this does not work, check that you are using the most up to date version of your chosen browser.  You may also need to enable pop-ups and relax the security settings on your system/browser to allow this process to succeed.

  • QIf I cannot complete the application all at once, can I go back to it later?

A: Yes

You can save your application and return to it later if you wish, but you must complete and submit your application by the relevant closing date.

  • Q: Will I receive an acknowledgement when I have submitted my application?

A: Once you have completed your application, please ensure that you click on the ‘submit’ button on the ‘Terms and Conditions’ Page.  You will then receive an e-mail confirming receipt of your application as soon as your application has been successfully submitted.

  • Q: What happens if I forget my password?

A: If you forget your password, there is a prompt that you can click on and you will be able to set a new password.

  • Q: What if I move home after I have submitted my application?

A: If you move home after submitting your application, it is essential that you let us know as soon as possible.  We will require written confirmation of your new address.  Please contact the School Admissions Team  for further advice.

  • Q: What happens if I have missed the published deadline date and still wish to make an application?

A: Unfortunately, you will not be able to apply online after the published deadline date.  The system will not allow you to do so.  You will need to complete a paper admission form, which you will be able to obtain from the School Admissions Team (details below).  Please note that your application will be treated as being late.*

* Only applications received by the published closing date for receipt of applications will be considered in the initial round of allocations of places.  Applications received after the closing date will be considered as late applications.  Late applications will only be accepted by the Admissions Authority when a good reason is given for the lateness of the application e.g. when a single parent has been ill for some time, or a family has just moved into the area.  Where a good reason is given, a Late Application will be accepted provided it is received before offers of places are made at the preferred school(s).  Late Applications that are accepted by the Admissions Authority will be processed after all applications which were received by the closing date, irrespective of the reason for the lateness of the application.  Therefore, late applications may find that their preferred school is already full.  Late applications will be subjected to the same admissions criteria.

  • QWhat can I do if I have any further questions?

A: If you have any comments, queries or non-technical feedback, the School Admissions Team can be e-mailed at

Our opening hours are 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. Monday to Friday

Our address is :-

School Admissions Team
Rhondda Cynon Taf County Borough Council
Education and Lifelong Learning
Ty Trevithick
CF45 4UQ

Tel: 01443 281111

For technical queries in relation to the On Line admissions site, please e-mail

Important note – During the process of your online application, you will receive automated e-mails from donotreply-onlineadmissions@RCTCBC.GOV.UK   Please do not reply to this e-mail address.  To contact us, please use the contact details above.|