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Taith laith - Latecomers to Welsh Education

It’s not too late for your child to learn Welsh! Support is now available to enable latecomers to the language to access Welsh medium education. Pupils will be supported to quickly get up-to-speed with their Welsh language skills to begin their journey to becoming bilingual.

Who Can Apply?

Any pupils in Years 2 – 6 that are:

• Transferring from English medium to Welsh medium education

• Transferring into a Welsh medium school from an out-of-county English medium school

What We Offer:

  • An opportunity for latecomers to learn the language and access Welsh medium education
  • An immersive learning experience tailored to suit each individual
  • A step-by-step guide to learning the Welsh language
  • Support and guidance for pupils, staff and parents/carers
  • Continued support for pupils when returning to the Welsh medium classroom

Concerned that you are not a Welsh speaker?

Don’t be! All our Welsh medium schools offer fantastic support to English speaking parents and carers. The Council’s Being Bilingual booklet discusses some of the common concerns parents have on choosing Welsh medium education and the added benefits of choosing this journey. The booklet is available to view here: Being Bilingual in Rhondda Cynon Taf

Get in touch today

For further information and enquiries, contact the Welsh Language Immersion team:   

Search for Welsh medium primary and secondary schools within your catchment area.

Looking to learn Welsh?

To find a course that’s suitable for you, visit the Learn Welsh website for further information and contact details.