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Leisure Reopening

A large range of Leisure for Life’s gyms, indoor fitness classes and swimming pools are now open, as the service continues to re-open.

Gym, swim and indoor classes are available across eight of the nine leisure centres. Unfortunately, Llantwit Fardre remains closed, as the design of the building means required social distancing and safety measures cannot be met.

Leisure for Life staff also continue to work with sporting bodies and the Welsh Government to introduce indoor sports. Individual squash players can now return to leisure centres for practice and training – either alone or with an instructor outside of the court to adhere to social distancing guidelines.

Health suites, swimming lessons (adult and child), diving, rookie lifeguard, children’s parties and soft play sessions remain unavailable. As soon as restrictions are lifted and eased and Leisure for Life is able to deliver them safely, this will be updated.

Thousands of customers are using the Leisure for Life App and website to book onto gym and swimming sessions and indoor fitness classes as leisure staff continue to work tirelessly to deliver the services they know customers want, but in a safe manner.

 Leisure for Life has adapted well to its new way of operating, offering a popular range of services while also protecting customers, staff and the wider community with social distancing measures, extensive cleaning of equipment and rooms and utilising advance booking and contactless payments where possible.

Opening hours for all leisure centres are considerably different to those prior to lockdown and, as the service adapts and extends with restrictions easing, these continue to change.

The latest centre opening hours can be found below, or via the APP.

 The gym, fitness class and swimming timetables that were on offer before lockdown have also changed significantly, and, again, these can be found via the leisure webpages or the APP.

In order to adhere to safety guidelines, shower and changing room facilities remain unavailable at all centres, so customers will need to arrive ready to train/swim.

All gym and swimming sessions and classes must be booked in advance. Leisure for Life members can do this up to seven days in advance via the web or the APP.

Those who choose to pay as they go must still book in advance and can do so by ringing the leisure centre to book and pay up to 24 hours in advance.

Customers are reminded these are unprecedented times for all involved and that, as the service begins its phased re-opening, it will be a very different one from the one that was closed in March 2020 and their continued patience and co-operation is very much appreciated.

All Leisure for Life memberships were frozen as soon as lockdown was introduced and have now been reinstated to enable customers to book online.

Customers who do not feel ready to return to the leisure centre can request their membership remains frozen by emailing or contacting their local leisure centre. They are also reminded of the home-based workouts, delivered by Leisure for Life instructors, they can follow via the APP.

Return to service rules

  1. All activities must be booked in advance via the APP, the leisure web pages or by ringing the centre.
  2. Please do not arrive at the centre without a booking, you will be turned away.
  3. Leisure for Life members can book their chosen activity up to seven days in advance.
  4. Non-members can book their chosen activity up to 24 hours in advance.
  5. If you book a space you can no longer use, please remember to cancel it so we can offer it to someone else.
  6. Timetables are very different from those in place pre-lockdown, this is to ensure the safety of customers, staff and the wider community as we adhere to social distancing guidelines and ensure thorough cleansing between sessions.
  7. As lockdown measures continue to ease and guidelines change, we are amending and extending the Leisure for Life offer accordingly. This means opening times and available gym/swim sessions and classes continue to change. Get the latest information from this page or the APP
  8. Showers and changing rooms remain closed at all centres. Please arrive ready to train/swim
  9. Please ensure you like and follow your local/preferred leisure centre on Facebook for the latest news and updates specific to that centre.
  10. Leisure for Life staff have worked tirelessly throughout lockdown – redeployed to assist the community in the distribution of food, medicines and care – and continue to work to deliver the services customers want. Your patience and cooperation is appreciated.

Leisure for Life class timetables are very different to how they were pre-lockdown and continue to change weekly.

All classes, times, locations and links to book can be found on the APP.

There are classes held throughout the day, so you can find one that suits your plans and needs. Please remember your membership allows you to use any leisure centre – now may be the time to try something new!

An overview of some of the classes being offered include:  




Legs, bums and tums


Outside HITT


BodyBlast (indoor and outdoor)

Zumba Strong

Virtual Spin

Virtual group cycle

Urban Rebound

Abs Blast

Low Impact circuits

Les Mills Body Balance

Les Mills Body Pump


Body attack

Body balance

Boot camp




  MonTue  Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun
Abercynon  7am-2.45pm  9.30am-7.30pm  7am-2.45pm  9.30am-7.30pm  7am-2.45pm  7.30am-11am  7.30am-11am
 Bronwydd  8am-7.30pm  8am-7.30pm  8am-7.30pm 8am-7.30pm   8am-7.30pm  9am-11.30pm  9am-11.30pm
 Hawthorn  8.30am-8.30pm  8.30am.8.30pm  8.30am-8.30pm  8.30am-8.30pm  8.30am-6pm  9am-1pm  9am-1m
 Llantrisant  7am-8.15pm  7am-8.15pm  7am-8.15pm  7am-8.15pm  7am-8.15pm  7.15am-4.30pm  8.30am-5.45pm
 Sobell  6.15am-7.30pm  6.15am-7.30pm  6.15am-7.30pm  6.15am-7.30pm  6.15am-7.30pm  7.15am-4.30pm  7.15am-4.30pm
 Rhondda Fach  6.15am-7.30pm   6.15am-7.30pm   6.15am-7.30pm   6.15am-7.30pm   6.15am-6pm  8am-1.15pm  8am-1.15pm
 Rhondda  6.30am-7.30pm  6.30am-7.30pm  6.30am-7.30pm  6.30am-7.30pm  6.30am-5.30pm  7.30am-1.15pm   7.30am-1.15pm
 Tonyrefail  8.45am-7.15pm   8.45am-7.15pm   8.45am-7.15pm   8.45am-7.15pm   8.45am-7.15pm  9.15am-3.45pm  9.15am-3.45pm