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The Trade Recycling and Waste charges cover weekly collections and disposal of the waste. 

Please note that trade recycling and waste charges are outside the scope of VAT. 

Trade Waste Charges
Recyclable Waste 
Blue Recycling Bags  £0.35 per bag 
  avalable in quantities of 25
Trade Food Bags £0.35 per bag
Cardboard Free (existing customers only)
Delivery Charges

£7.85 per order (non-refundable)

Black Bag Waste 
240 litre wheelie bin  £9.65 per week (equivalent of 4 - 5 standard black bags)
660 litre wheelie bin  £22.05 per week (equivalent of 8 – 10 standard black bags)
1100 litre wheelie bin  £34.25 per week (equivalent of 13 – 15 standard black bags)
Brown refuse bags  £2.10 per bag
   available in quantities of 25
Delivery Charges  £7.85 per order (non-refundable)
Bulky Goods 
Quotation service only For a quote please email: recycling@rctcbc.gov.uk 

Businesses are responsible for the safekeeping of bins.  If any bins are stolen or damaged (not by the Council), charges will be applied.  Charges will depend on the extent of damage and size of the bin.