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Need more trade recycling and waste bags?


Workplace Recycling Regulations 2024 

From 8th April 2024, the Council will be changing the use of the blue bag in accordance with the Workplace Recycling Regulations 2024.  As of 8th April 2024, the following items will need to be placed in either a Council blue bag or a red bag:

Blue BagOffice paper, newspapers, magazines, thin cardboard, cereal boxes, junk mail, envelopes

Red Bag (empty and rinsed) - Plastic bottles, plastic cups, drinks cans, food tins, yoghurt pots, plastic sandwich cases, waxy beverage cartons, clean foil

In the meantime, the blue bag can continue to be used as normal, but customers are advised to be mindful of the changes before ordering large quantities of blue bags.  

Buy trade recycling and waste bags


  • blue trade recycling bags in bulk (quantities of 25 bags) - £0.35 each plus £8.60 delivery charge (non-refundable)
  • brown trade waste bags in bulk (quantities of 25 bags) - £2.25 each plus £8.60 delivery charge (non-refundable)
  • Trade food recycling bags (quantities of 10 bags) - £0.35 each plus £8.60 delivery charge (non-refundable)
  • reusable green waste sacks (from 1st November 2021) - two sacks upon registration and £3.00 per sack thereafter

Request bags to be delivered to your business

At Local Libraries

Trade waste and recycling bags can also be purchased at RCT libraries.  Find you local Library.

  • blue trade recycling bags in bulk - £0.35 each
  • brown trade waste bags - £2.25 each
  • trade food recycling bags - £8.75 for a roll of 25 bags
  • green waste sacks are not available at the local Libraries, please order Green Waste Sacks online.