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Delegated Decisions

Executive decisions can be delegated to a Committee of the Executive, an individual Member, an Officer, or a Joint Committee and Delegated Decisions are one of the ways a decision about a Policy or Service can be taken forward by the Council.

In accordance with Section 5 of Part 3 of the Constitution "All decisions taken by Officers under the Scheme of Delegation are open to Scrutiny and a sufficient record must be made of all such decisions including supporting evidence".

Delegated Decisions taken this Municipal Year are listed below, with previous year's decisions available via the links to the right hand side of this page.

N.B. Day to day Management / Operational decisions or exempt reports will not be published on the Councils website, following Direction by the Council's Monitoring Officer although the information is held centrally within the Cabinet Office.

Delegated Decisions for the current Municipal Year 2024 to 2025

No Delegated Decisions have been made for the current Municipal Year