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Lets Talk Waste and Recycling

We need your help discovering how we can all come together to recycle more across Rhondda Cynon Taf.

We all know recycling is important, and however hard we try, there will always be some items that will need to go into our black bag waste. BUT did you know that only around 20% of your household waste isn't recyclable?!

It's time to take action! It's time to talk about waste and recycling!

In a bid to increase recycling rates further across Rhondda Cynon Taf, we are asking residents to take part in the latest Let's Talk survey.

The survey looks to uncover the recycling and waste habits of our County Borough and asks how we can shape Council Services to help residents recycle more.

We can all do more to ensure that we recycle as much as possible, from nappies to food waste and plastics, cans, glass and paper. Most household items can be recycled either at the kerbside or in a nearby facility.

As a Council, we are proud of our recycling services and strive to make the collection system as easy as possible for residents whilst maintaining good recyclable end products. We continuously look at what is recycled and how we can add to and improve the services on offer.

We were one of the first Council's to introduce nappy recycling and continue to be the lead authority on this via the Welsh Government's Clean, Green, Future project. 

We have recently prevented the use of millions of single-use clear plastic bags by introducing new reusable Green Waste Sacks. 

We were one of the first Council's in Wales to move away from weekly black bag collections and limit the amount of black bags that are collected. These changes have helped the huge rise in recycling for the whole County Borough.

By participating in the new survey, you will help us to see how it's all going and how you think they can help us all reach the Welsh Government recycling target of 70% by 2024/25.

If we fail to meet this target, we will face large fines of £140,000 for every 1% we fail to reach. This huge sum of money could result in services being cut or changed to pay the fines.

In its bid to show our commitment to Climate Change, RCT Council committed to an 80% recycling target by 2024/25. The current recycling rate for Rhondda Cynon Taf stands at 67% (2021/22), and we must now push to reach our targets and encourage residents to recycle as much as possible.

Cabinet Member for Environment and Leisure, Cllr Ann Crimmings, said: "As a County Borough, we have done a fantastic job at recycling. That's because we have always worked together to shape services to meet the needs of our residents, making recycling second nature to the majority. 

"As a Council, we do our best to make recycling easy and accessible. Our Community Recycling Centres are within a few miles of each resident. They are open 7 days a week, even on bank holidays. 

"It's now more important than ever before that we recycle and make simple changes to our lifestyles for the sake of the planet and future generations. 

"We're asking residents how they recycle and what barriers they face so that we can help make it even easier where possible. Please take the time to answer the 5-minute survey and be part of the future that will lead a change for our planet."

The survey is available online from 21st October and will run for four weeks until 18th November. There will also be a number of pop-up trailer events to help residents fill out the survey and get all the information about the services available.

For more information on recycling in Rhondda Cynon Taf visit, email or call 01443 425001. 

To take part in the survey visit -

Posted on 21/10/2022