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Are you a carer

A carer is a person who is unpaid (except for being in receipt of a Carer's Allowance) and looks after or supports someone else (perhaps a relative, friend or neighbour) who needs help with their day-to-day life, because of:
  • their age
  • a long-term illness
  • disability
  • mental ill health or
  • substance misuse

The term ‘carer’ does not include anyone who:

  • Receives payment either in cash or in another way for the care they provide
  • Works as a volunteer on behalf of a voluntary organisation 

We value the role that carers play and recognise that they too may need help and support to continue to care, such as providing information, advice or counselling or more practical help for the carer and the person for whom they care.

To find out what support is available to you, please read our guide and our regular carers newsletters for up-to-date information.

Before we provide any services, we will assess the needs of the person being cared for and those of the carer

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