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Telecare equipment for mobility

The equipment below can be installed to support people who have mobility issues or who are experiencing falls.

You will need an assessment to access this type of equipment.

All of this equipment can either be linked to our 24 hour Lifeline monitoring centre or linked to a carers pager.

Other Telecare equipment may also be beneficial.

Equipment for mobility
Bed/Chair Occupancy This sensor can be used to alert to someone getting out of bed or up from a chair, it can be linked to a delay switch or to activate lamps to help prevent night time falls.
Fall Detectors Fall detectors will automatically detect a fall of the wearer.  There are 3 different types available depending on the needs of the person.
Pressure Mat

Pressure mats can be placed around the home to raise an alert when someone is approaching an area which may pose a risk. 

If, you feel you would benefit from having a Lifeline or some telecare equipment installed you should contact our First Response Team or your Social Worker/Care Manager if you already have one.

The First response team will ask you a few questions about your situation and if they feel that your request is appropriate, will escalate your enquiry to a Care Manager.


First Response 
Tel: 01443 425003 


Digital Switchover

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