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Lifeline Community Alarm technology is a home alarm service available to people who need help to live independently, safely and securely in their own homes.

It is available to anyone living in Rhondda Cynon Taf for a small weekly charge, all that you need is a landline with a power point nearby (if you don't have a powerpoint, an extension lead will do).

The Lifeline alarm consists of a base unit that connects to your phone line, along with a shower proof button which can be worn on a pendant or wristband. This button can be pressed at any time, day or night, to call for assistance in an emergency.  You will also receive a key safe as part of your Lifeline service. 

The Lifeline process works in a four easy steps:

  1. You press the button or the sensor raises the alert
  2. The Lifeline unit is activated and via the telephone line alerts the monitoring centre
  3. The monitoring centre answers your call and speaks to you through the Lifeline
  4. Response sent out to you as appropriate

These alarms give the user and their loved ones peace of mind, knowing that they can contact designated family or friends in an emergency.

Additional equipment known as Telecare can also be added to the Lifeline to help to monitor other risks in the home. 

View further information about Lifeline Emergency Alarms:

Applying for Lifeline Emergency Alarms

You can apply for your Lifeline alarm by contacting;

Lifeline Services
Tel: 01443 425090