Return to School - September 2020 – FAQs

When will my child receive their bus pass?

For secondary school pupils who are entering Year 7 in September, information regarding their school transport arrangements, together with temporary travel slips, will be posted to entitled pupils during the Summer holidays. Your child will be issued with a School Travel Pack, which will include their bus pass, once they transfer to their secondary school in the Autumn Term 2020.

Primary pupils will receive a letter of authorisation confirming their entitlement. You must show the letter to the driver in order to travel on the vehicle. Each transport provider and school has also been issued with a list of those eligible learners who are authorised to travel on school transport.

Do I need to keep my bus pass?

Yes, Do NOT throw the bus pass away – you will need to show your Bus Pass to the driver on every Journey until you leave school. NO PASS NO TRAVEL.

What if my bus pass is lost or damaged?

If your child loses their pass, your child can obtain a temporary travel slip from the school reception which will allow them to travel to school for two weeks whilst their replacement pass is being ordered.

There is a £7.20 administration charge for the printing of a replacement pass. 

Report a lost bus pass online

How do I get a replacement bus pass?

A replacement bus pass can be ordered online, by telephoning 01443 425001, or in person via the Council’s One4All Centres. You will need a credit or debit card to make payment online or over the phone, payment in cash can be made at the Council’s One4All Centres.

What if my child's pass has expired?

You will need to contact us for a replacement (details below).  

What if my child hasn't received a travel pack or letter of authorisation?

If you have not completed the school admission form for your child to attend your chosen school then you will need to do so by contacting the school admissions team on 01443 744000.   If you have completed the school admission form and received a letter confirming their placement at the school, then you will need to contact us on 01443 425001.  

Can my school ask the transport provider to allow my child to travel without a bus pass?

No - All secondary learners that are eligible for transport are provided with bus passes that must be used to access school transport.  

Can my child’s friend travel on the school bus with them even though they are not eligible?

No - Only eligible pupils, who are in possession of a valid bus pass can travel on school transport. All seats have been allocated to eligible pupils. If additional learners are travelling then this may lead to the bus becoming overcrowded.

Contacting the Integrated Transport Unit

Integrated Transport Unit

Sardis House,

Sardis Road


CF37 1DU

Tel: 01443 425001

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