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Building Control FAQ's

Thinking of Selling your Property?

In order to assist you in ensuring that some of the problems commonly encountered when selling a house are dealt with at an early stage with the help of Building Control it may be possible to reduce the chance of delay or the risk of losing that important sale.

How can Building Control assist with selling your home?

During the conveyance process your solicitors will normally require you to fill out a fixtures and fittings document. Within this document you are required to identify any building work that has been carried out that required a Building Regulations application. If alterations and extensions to buildings have been carried out without Building Regulations approval, these will come to light during the purchasers’ solicitor sales investigations, if the relevant completion certificates are not in place then this could delay the sale of your property.

When do I need to submit an application?

You need to submit your building regulation application before you start any work, you’ll need to have receive approval before starting any work.

What kind of application do I need to submit?

Descriptions of different types of applications can be found below:

I have Building Regulations approval but I do not have a completion certificate.

If an outstanding Building Regulations application is in place, but a completion certificate has not been issued, then it is important to arrange for one of our Building Control team to carry out the completion inspection at the earliest opportunity, so that upon satisfactory inspection of all relevant aspects of construction a completion certificate can be issued ready for the solicitors.

Work has been carried out but I wasn’t aware I needed a Building Regulations application.

This guide has been published to avoid this happening however if you find yourself in this situation it will be necessary to apply for a Regularisation Certificate. This is a retrospective Building Regulation application that can be used for any work carried out after 1985. In most cases the work will have been finished, this means that certain elements of the work may need to be opened up in order to establish compliance with the Building Regulations.

Contact Building Control

If you have any questions or would like to arrange for us to visit your property to carry out an inspection please contact us on Tel: 01443 281156 Email: