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Additional Black Bag Allowances

Households may apply for additional bags to give extra capacity for general waste.

Whilst 80% of waste can be recycled, the Council appreciates that some households will have daily waste items that cannot be recycled.  In these circumstances, assistance can be provided by giving an additional black bag allowance for these daily items that cannot be recycled.

Residents who require an additional black bag allowance will be sent stickers to be placed on the additional black bag/s. The collection crew will see that the additional black bag has been authorised. 

Residents will be required to apply for an additional black bag allowance. 

Please note that there are terms and conditions associated with the additional allowance. On application, checks are in place to ensure all recyclable items are being recycled and put into the correct bag.

Therefore, before an application is submitted we encourage residents to check they are recycling as many items as possible, as this helps reduce the amount of general waste being generated.

What can I recycle and where?

Enter your address below and we will tell you how to dispose of the items

Apply for an additional black bag allowance.

Apply for an additional black bag allowance online