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Clear Bag Recycling

Your recycling will be collected on your weekly recycling collection day.

Dry recyclable items should be placed in a clear recycling bag and not be placed in the same bag as your black bag or wheeled bin waste.

PLEASE NOTE: Do not use recycling bags for your black bag waste. Misuse of recycling bags could lead to enforcement action including a fine of £100.

The number of recycling bags you can put out WEEKLY is UNLIMITED.

What can I recycle and where?

Enter your address below and we will tell you how to dispose of the items

Contaminated Waste

If a recycling bag contains items that can't be recycled, it will not be collected.

A contamination sticker will be placed on the bag and you will need to re-sort the bag, removing the contaminating items and place it out for collection the following week

Failure to comply will result in enforcement action being taken. 
Contaminmated sticker

Clothing and textiles

Clothing should NOT be placed into your CLEAR recycling bag. Clothing banks are available at our Community Recycling Centres. You could also take the clothing along to The Shed, reuse shops or your local charity shop.

Where does your recycling go?

Recycling in RCT is taken to the Amgen Cymru recycling sort centre in Llwydcoed, where it is sorted in to plastics, glass, paper and metal and put in to bales ready to be sent to specific recycling centres across the UK.

More details about recycling in Rhondda Cynon Taf and across Wales can me found at