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Allotment Green Waste Registrations

Recyclable green waste, which includes garden waste and small vegetarian animal waste is collected WEEKLY from April until early November and thereafter FORTNIGHTLY during the winter months.

Green waste will only be collected in green waste sacks from society run allotments who have registered. Green waste in clear recycling bags will not be collected.

What do you need to do?

All allotments who require green waste collection need to register for the service.

Within 2 weeks of registering you will receive two free green waste sacks plus any additional sacks you have purchased. 

Additional sacks can be purchased at a cost of £3 each at the time of registering, or at a later date.

Did you know?: Each green sack holds 90 litres (45cm x 45cm x 45cm). That's equivalent to two and a half clear recycling bags.

Top Tip:You can fold in the sides of the sack and put one handle inside each other (like a criss cross) to make the sacks pull together more closely

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When will my green waste be collected?

Your green waste collection day will follow your recycling collection day in the summer months (April-October) and your black bag/bin collections in the winter months (November-March) - unless you are told otherwise.

The service is currently operating at a fortnightly collection schedule and will return to weekly collection from 28th March 2022.

Un-bagged green waste can also be disposed of at your local Community Recycling Centre

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How to recycle your green waste?

Simply place green waste into the green waste sack.  On your collection day, put your green waste sack at your usual bin collection point for collection before 7am.

Please note the following:

  • Green waste cannot be placed in clear recycling bags and you must join the scheme for collections to begin.

  • If your sack(s) have not been collected it is likely that you are not registered for the scheme and you will need to join the scheme.

  • Please do not overfill your green waste sack(s), additional sacks may need to be purchased, if required. Purchase Green Waste Sacks.

  • ONLY green waste can be placed into your green waste sack(s) - if any other waste is present in your green waste sacks such as soil, rubble and wood, it will not be collected.

  • If you do not put out any green waste over 12 continuous collections, you could be removed from the collection round and will need to register again - this refers to collections and not weeks and will consider that collections are fortnightly in the Winter as well as a break over the Christmas period.

  • Please do not use sacks acquired from neighbours or friends as they will not be collected. Only allotments registered on the scheme will receive a collection

  • Please ensure your green waste sack(s) are out for collection by 7am on the day of collection and take your green waste sacks back in after your collection has taken place.

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What can and cannot be recycled in your green waste

Find out what can and cannot be recycled.

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Need more bags?

Registered allotments can purchase more green waste sacks online

Order more green waste sacks


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Report lost, damaged or stolen sacks

Allotments can report lost, damaged or stolen sacks by using our online form

Leave the green waste collections scheme

Allotments can unsubscribe from green waste collections by using our online form.  Your sacks will be removed by collection crews at your next scheduled collection.  

Please note that additional sacks ordered are not refundable.

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Missed Collection

From November 2021, we required all allotments who require a green waste collection to register their details.  Allotments may not have their green waste collected if they have not registered.  You can register online or call us on 01443 425001.

If you have registered and checked your collection day and your green waste sacks have not been collected within 24 hours of your scheduled collection you can report a missed collection online

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