Completion of Admission Forms – Notes of Guidance for Parents/Carers

  • Please ensure that all sections of the form are completed in full.
  • Please ensure that you have completed your child’s date of birth correctly, and that it falls between the dates indicated at the top of the form.
  • Please provide documentary evidence of your proof of residence – acceptable documents, originals not photocopies, are your Council Tax statement, a recent utility bill, or your Child Benefit letter. Documents will be returned if requested. Details may be verified using information held on other Council databases, if necessary.
  • Please ensure that you have indicated your preferred schools in order of preference.
  • If you wish to request a place at a Voluntary Aided, or Church school (Roman Catholic or Church in Wales), you must contact the preferred school direct, as the Council is not the admission authority for such schools.
  • Children under a Care Order are those either in the care of a Local Authority, or in foster care.
  • The criteria that will be applied to applications, if more are received than there are places available are (in order of priority):
  1. Children in public care (looked after children)
  2. Children living inside the school’s catchment area, who will have older siblings attending the  school when they enter
  3. Children living inside the school’s catchment area who do not have older siblings attending the school
  4. Children living outside the school’s catchment area, who will have older siblings attending the school when they enter
  5. Children living outside the school’s catchment area, who do not have older siblings attending the school

Details of how equal applications are determined, ie ‘tiebreak’ scenarios are fully explained in ‘Starting Schools Booklet’.

  • Children will be classed as siblings if:
  1. they are half or full brother or sister
  2. they are an adoptive or fostered brother or sister
  3. they are children i.e. step brother/step sister living full time/permanently in the same household

Please note that cousins, nephews or nieces are not classed as siblings for the purpose of school admissions.

In relation to secondary school, siblings must be in years 7 to 11 of the relevant school in September 2021.  Siblings attending the sixth form at a comprehensive school in September 2021 are not considered for purpose of admissions of younger children.

Application forms for admission to relevant year groups, or for transfer between/in to schools in RCT are available from all schools, or from the Admissions Office, at the address indicated below. You should always contact your preferred school in the first instance before completing any application.

Completed application forms should be returned to your first preference school, or the Primary school your child currently attends, and MUST be received by the closing date indicated on the reverse of the form.

For the full policy, and further information on School Admissions, including the criteria used to allocate pupil places in the event of oversubscription, please refer to the ‘Starting Schools’ booklet, copies of which are available in all RCT schools, and online at

If you have any queries or require further information, you may contact a member of staff in the

Admissions Office

Ty Trevithick, 
CF45 4UQ.

Tel: 01443 281111


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