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Danielle Harry - WCCIS Graduate Support Officer

Name: Danielle Harry

Year Started (Graduate Scheme): 2019

Current Position: WCCIS Graduate Support Officer

Studied: Masters in International Business Management at Cardiff Metropolitan University

Why did you apply for the scheme?

There is a couple of main reasons why I was really interested in the scheme, the main one being a RCT citizen all my life. I wanted to work for an organisation that I would be able to experience the benefits of the work I was doing and also improve the lives of my friends, family and neighbours in any way possible. The other main reason was the positive reputation around the graduate schemes at RCT in general. I had never heard so much benefits and positive mouth of word about a scheme as this one, and it really does live up to its expectation. From flexible working, plenty of career progression opportunities, endless training and learning courses for personal growth, friendly team members, generous holidays and more. For me it was a no brainer, working in an ever-growing organisation and so close to home.

Highlights: The highlights for me have been enrolling on a Project Management Level 4 course so I am still learning academically and putting this into practice with a real case study in my project. It really helps but things into perspective and understand real life situations, which differs for my university course of 100% academic learning. I also feel I have grown personally in other areas through meeting so many different people I am now more naturally confident in presentations and formal meetings.

Recommendations to Applicants: My recommendation while applying is really taking your time and thinking about giving your best possible answers (the competition is huge and you need to give it your best shot!) I would also apply for more than one post if you feel you have the experience and skills that match a variety. I applied for 5 and got here in the end, it is the best thing I ever done. Another process I found really helpful in eventually securing my place here was requesting feedback from interviews so I could smash the next one even more! Don’t get knocked back as perseverance does pay off and in 10 years you could be one of the RCT CBC managers