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Nant Cwm Parc Cantilever and Institute Bridge works in Treorchy

Nant Cwm Parc grid - Copy

UPDATED, 04/05/22: Please note, it has now been confirmed that the main scheme will start from Monday, May 9.

The Council has now resumed its work activity at Station Road in Treorchy to strengthen key structures that provide support to the road – with site setup underway and the main work getting underway in early May. 

Last year, an important repair and maintenance scheme got underway to the Nant Cwm Parc Cantilever and Institute Bridge, which support A4061 Station Road. With work taking place in and around the river, the scheme was paused over the winter months to adhere to seasonal environmental restrictions.

The Council’s contractor Walters Ltd returned to the site from April 19, in order to begin preparations to resume work – including setting up its site compound. The main works are then scheduled to resume from Monday, May 9.

The remaining activity (from May 9) includes a river diversion to enable works in the channel, and demolition of the concrete parapet on the A4061 Station Road retaining wall – as well as the steel troughing that supports the footway.

A blockstone weir will be constructed downstream of Institute Bridge, and parapet precast concrete units will be installed. Repair and strengthening work will be completed to Institute Bridge, and the footway will be extended. Resurfacing of the library car park will be completed at the end of the scheme.

Upcoming temporary traffic arrangements

For the entire scheme, which started on Tuesday, April 19, the unnamed library car park access road between Dyfodwg Street and Illtyd Street will be closed, enabling work to take place adjacent to the river. A section of the car park will be brought out of use, for the contractor’s site compound/storage.

Then from Monday, May 9, the first week of the main work requires a lane closure on Station Road (northbound carriageway) and adjacent footway, using four-way traffic lights. This will enable removal of the adjacent parapet wall. The Parc and Dare bus stop will be temporarily moved further north.

The majority of the scheme, for completion in late August 2022, will be undertaken with minimal traffic disruption – with narrower lanes used on Station Road to ensure a safe distance between traffic and the workforce.

The temporary traffic light arrangements on Station Road, and relocation of the bus stop, will return for the final two weeks of the scheme. This will enable the completion of the works and the contractor’s removal from the site.

The Council would like to thank residents and commuters for their cooperation as this important scheme to strengthen key structures is completed.

Posted on 04/05/2022