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Update on Maindy Road Bridge Works

Progress on the demolition placement of the Maindy Road Bridge has progressed well, with works running between 7-10 days ahead of schedule.

For the next phase of work, concrete slabs are due to arrive on-site next week and, subject to these arriving and being placed on time, this will then subsequently enable Wales and West Utilities to carry out further utilities diversions over the top of the new slabs.

Once this phase is completed, the Council will then be able to issue a further update to outline where it is believed that further acceleration of the works programme can be achieved. 

The Council is continuing to work closely with the contractors for the bridge to be built and opened as soon as possible.  However, until the concrete slabs and utility diversions are completed in the next few weeks, further acceleration of the works programme cannot be carried out due to the phased approach necessary.

The Council is acutely aware of the impact on local traffic and has carried out some further changes with engineers on the traffic signals at Stag Square, as mid-afternoon northbound traffic is particularly difficult.
Posted on 08/09/2023