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Library catalogue - Search the library catalogue

The library catalogue allows you to reserve or renew library items  online.

How to access the library catalogue?

Anyone can browse the library catalogue online, however, If you wish to reserve or renew an item you must become a library member.

Use the library catalogue to browse items, reserve items, or renew a reservation.

Borrowing items

You may borrow up to 10 books or audio books at any one time for a period of 3 weeks.

In addition to this you may borrow up to 3 music items or DVDs.

Renewing a loan

Loans may be renewed by;

If you have not renewed an item before the date stamped on the book you will have to pay an overdue charge.

Lost or damaged items

Users must pay towards the replacement of lost or damaged items.

These are charged on a sliding scale:

  • items under 6 months old - full cost of item
  • items between 6 months and 2 years old - two thirds of original cost
  • items over 2 years old - one third of original cost