Report something to the council
Services you can report 
Abandoned Vehicle Housing Benefit/Council Tax Reduction - Change of Circumstances
Bus Shelter Problem Litter Bin - Full or Damaged Bin
Change of Tenancy Litter Problem
Comments, Compliments and Complaints Manhole Problem
Council Tax - Change of Circumstances Obstruction or Spillage on the Road/Pavement
Damaged or Dangerous Wall Parking Offence
Missed waste collection Pothole Problem
Damaged litter bin Public Toliets Problem
Dead Animal Residential Parking Permit - Change of Address
Dead animal removal Residential Parking Permit - Change of Vehicle
Dog Bin to be Emptied or Replaced Residential Parking Permit - Lost, Damaged or Stolen Permit
Dog Fouling School/College - Lost Bus Pass or Stolen
Flooded Drain and Gully Smoke Pollution Problem
Fly-tipping Street Cleaning Problem
Fraud Investigation  Street Furniture - Signs, Furniture and Bins Damage
General Enquiries  Street Lights Problem
Graffiti Problem  Street Paving Problem
Household Waste and Recycling Missed  Whistleblowing Concern 
Housing Benefit - Change