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Leisure for Life Outdoor Gyms

Outside Gym - Pontypridd - July 2021- Park- Leisure-9

Leisure for Life is going outdoors!

From Saturday, May 14, through the rest of Summer 2022, we are putting on fun classes for all ages and abilities on outdoor gyms in some of RCT’s most stunning locations.

You won’t find a fitness and exercise opportunity like it anywhere else in the area!

Bringing fitness into the fresh air, the outdoor gyms in Ynysangharad War Memorial Park and Dare Valley Country Park are perfect for those who don’t feel ready to go back inside the gym, or those looking for a new way to get active.

Classes will be led by qualified Leisure for Life instructors, or approved third-party instructors, and will be available either as part of the Leisure for Life membership or on a pay as you go basis. You can book an outdoor class on the Leisure for Life APP if you don't alread have it, it is free to download. Non members who wish to attend on a pay as you go basis can also use the APP to create a log in and pay - simply download and register to receive your pin. 

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The appeal of the outdoor gyms is that they have a range of equipment that can be used effectively regardless of what level of fitness you are at, or your confidence when exercising.

Combined with the support and knowledge of the Leisure for Life experts, it means everyone – even children and those who have never been to the gym before - can use the outdoor gym in the same class and get the exercise that is right for them.

Leisure for Life Outdoors begins on Saturday, May 14 with a “partners” class in Ynysangharad War Memorial Park from 10am-11am – right after Pontypridd Park Run.

Your partner can be whoever you like – a friend, a training partner, a sporting teammate, your spouse or even your children (under 14s must be accompanied). You’ll enjoy the outdoor gym together, supported by an instructor who will tailor activity and equipment – including the use of mini or lighter equipment so even the kids can get involved!

If you prefer, the outdoor gym at Dare Valley Country Park will run a Bootcamp class from 9.30am every Saturday, again starting on May 14. All the equipment will be out in this session, which is suitable for those aged 12 and over.

You can also enjoy the below timetable, which is constantly being developed:





Ynysangharad War Memorial Park





Partners/family friend training

Dare Valley Country Park

Aberdare (use top lake entrance)

5pm: Family class

6pm: HIIT

9.30am: strength circuit

9am: Bootcamp


Keith Nicholls, Head of Leisure, Sports and Parks, said: “Leisure for Life continues to extend its offer to customers and introduce innovative ways to get into leisure – especially for those who are not ready to return to indoor centres.

“We are lucky to have stunning outdoor locations in RCT and are taking full advantage of that by installing outdoor gyms that allow people to exercise while enjoying the fresh air and amazing views.

“We’re also lucky to have fully-qualified staff who will adapt the class and equipment so everyone can get involved. You don’t have to be at a certain fitness level to join in, instructors will work with you to do what is best for you.

“If you are looking for a more advanced class, you can also achieve this in the same session. This is a perfect opportunity for all.

“The classes are free with a Leisure for Life Membership, which works out, on average, at under £9 a week. We look forward to seeing members switching up their fitness routine and getting outside. But we also want to welcome non-members, who can pay as they go for their classes. We know Coronavirus and safety remains a concern to many and hope classes in the fresh air will reassure them.”

 If you are not a Leisure for Life member, you are welcome to attend the classes on a pay as you go basis, at £3.60 a class. If you have a Leisure for Life PIN, you can  book on the app. Alternatively,  you can download the free Leisure for Life app and register on there for a PIN that allows you to book.


The outdoor gyms are also perfect for sports teams that may want to add to their training schedule over the summer. You can hire them – and the support of an expert instructor. For more information,  contact Sport RCT.




Posted on 04/05/2022