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Advanced work ahead of Welsh Government default 20mph speed limit

20mph speed limit

Following Welsh Government’s approval of the default 20mph speed limit for Wales, advanced works will be taking place to prepare the road network for the change – which comes into effect later this year.

The default 20mph speed limit was agreed by The Senedd last year, and all councils in Wales are required to implement this Welsh Government initiative. It will result in most of the default 30mph roads across Wales being reduced to 20mph – located, as a general rule, where street lighting is currently in place. 

Welsh Government has provided information about its default 20mph speed limit, which is available to access online. Please find the following useful links:  

All councils in Wales will need to undertake advanced works to prepare their highway networks for the change. The first stage includes removal of speed limit road markings, as these will no longer be permitted within street-lit areas. There will be exceptions, for example, at locations where drivers transition between speed limits that are unaffected by the new default speed limit. 

The advanced works have now started in the Cynon Valley area (in the week commencing February 6). There will be 22 locations in total. The programme will then move on to further locations within the Rhondda and Taff areas. 

The activity will include high-pressure water jetting, which is a non-evasive method to remove road markings, and also localised resurfacing which will be required at some of the locations. These advanced works are likely to cause some traffic disruption at individual locations, particularly those located near junctions. The work will be completed as quickly and efficiently as possible, using the appropriate traffic management where required.  

The Council is mindful that many of the markings being removed (such as those near schools) were implemented for safety purposes. Officers are reviewing all available options to increase road safety at these locations, and have written to all schools within the County Borough about this matter. 

Later this year, there will be a public consultation on exempt locations to the default 20mph speed limit. Further information will be available in due course. 

The Council is also in the process of developing its own dedicated webpage to provide information about the upcoming changes. This will be available soon by visiting: Residents can also ask officers any queries about the upcoming changes by emailing:

Posted on 08/02/2023