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Proposed exemptions to the default 20mph speed limit for Wales

20mph speed limit

As part of the process of adopting the default 20mph speed limit for Wales this September, the Council has identified current 30mph roads that are proposed to be exempt from the changes – as they do not meet the relevant criteria. 

Welsh Government has previously approved the default 20mph speed limit which will come into effect across Wales on September 17, 2023. All councils in Wales must therefore implement this initiative, which will result in most of the current default 30mph roads being reduced to 20mph later this year. As a general rule, it will apply to roads where street lighting is currently in place.

The following links to the Welsh Government website enable residents to find out more about the legislation, in readiness for the changes coming into effect:

In February 2023, the Council began advanced works to prepare its highway network for the new default 20mph speed limit. The first stage includes the removal of speed limit road markings – with some locations requiring small resurfacing works. This work is almost complete in the Cynon Valley and has started in Rhondda. The scheme will progress to the Taff area this summer.

The next key stage of the process got underway on Tuesday, June 13, when the Council began a consultation process into proposed exemptions to the default 20mph speed limit. More than 70 roads have been identified as they do not meet Welsh Government’s specified placemaking criteria – and, if agreed, these roads would retain a 30mph speed limit after September 17.

The roads in Rhondda Cynon Taf which are proposed to be exempt from the default 20mph speed limit have now been added to the data map on Welsh Government’s website, which is available to be viewed here.

The Council will shortly begin the statutory process for retaining these roads as 30mph zones. Residents will be able to formally have their say on the proposed exemptions, including raising objections, when the Council publishes its public notice in July 2023. Residents can also get in touch with officers for general enquiries at any time by emailing

Please also note that the Council now has a homepage on its website which is dedicated to the default 20mph speed limit. This page provides residents with project updates, important details about the changes, and key links to Welsh Government’s website. The page is available at:

Posted on 13/06/2023