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Bridge works beneath Llanwonno Road in Stanleytown

Llanwonno Road railway bridge, Stanleytown 2

An initial phase of work is now underway to provide additional support to a bridge in Stanleytown, which carries Llanwonno Road over the community route. 

Temporary traffic lights had already been placed on the bridge to mitigate vehicle loading. They were installed following an inspection earlier this year, which found the bridge has significant defects. 

Work that started on Monday, September 18, has begun preparations to install a propping system to the under-side of the bridge. 

Contractor Hammonds (ECS) Ltd will be on site for around two weeks to firstly construct a new footpath beneath the bridge, and then to install concrete foundations for the propping system on the site of the existing footpath. A pedestrian and cycle access will be maintained throughout. 

The propping system can then be installed once the concrete foundations have sufficiently cured, enabling the traffic lights on Llanwonno Road to be removed. 

The Council has also appointed consultants to look at long-term options to support the bridge, which are currently in development and will be communicated to residents once they have progressed. 

Thanks in advance for your cooperation during the upcoming works.

Posted on 19/09/2023