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Community Volunteers

In Rhondda Cynon Taf there are thousands of sports volunteers giving their time to make sport happen in their communities. RCT has over 300 community sports clubs, over 100 schools and many other community groups and organisations that all rely on a volunteer workforce to deliver sport. 

How do these Volunteers Play their Part?

Without volunteers community sport simply could not happen. The vast majority of community sport is delivered by schools and sports clubs, and as we have already mentioned above - they rely heavily on a volunteer workforce! A typical sports club will need volunteers to fill the following roles in order for them to function effectively:

  • Chairperson
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Coach
  • Safeguarding Officer

Some clubs will also have roles such as:

  • Volunteer Co-ordinator
  • Fixture Secretary
  • Marketing/Fundraising Officer
  • Club Equity Officer

Primary schools and secondary schools have paid staff to deliver physical education, however they may rely on others to support their extra-curricular sports provision. Family members such as parents and siblings as well as staff such as a caretaker may volunteer their time to help with the school teams. 

How do we support these volunteers?

Sport RCT currently support community volunteers in the following ways:

If you are a community volunteer that would like more information on any of the above - click each link for details and then contact the Sport RCT team for further information.

Would you like to become a community volunteer?

Think of your community - what schools, sports clubs, groups or organisations are there? Get in contact with them to see if they have any roles for you..

Still not sure? Sign up to be a Sport RCT Volunteer and we will find you a placement with us.