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Caffe Bracchi

The Welsh Mining Experience re-opens on 10th January.

Cafe Bracchi at Welsh Mining Experience is currently under new management and closed to the public. The cafe will re-open from February 2019.

Caffe Bracchi is open at the Welsh Mining Experience Rhondda Heritage Park, celebrating the impact the Italian community has had on South Wales for over 100 years

The Italian-style Caffe Bracchi forms part of the Council’s major investment at Rhondda Heritage Park, helping to re-establish it as a key Valleys’ family tourist attraction.

Caffe Bracchi recognises and celebrates the impact of the Italian community across the County Borough since they left their homes in Bardi and surrounding areas at the turn of the 20th Century.

Many moved to the South Wales Valleys as part of the industrial boom, capitalising on the coal and iron industry and the close-knit communities that sprung up around the collieries and ironworks.

Caffe Bracchi, situated on the ground floor of the Welsh Mining Exprience, sells both Welsh and Italian cuisine and provides the perfect Italian atmosphere for visitor.