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Caffe Bracchi

Caffe Bracchi is a tribute to the strong Italian influence still here in the Rhondda, more than a century after the first migrants were welcomed to our valleys from the Bardi region.

The new arrivals from Italy opened cafes and ice cream parlours - known as Bracchi - many of which still trade today.

The Bracchis were opened by men and women who moved to the South Wales Valleys as part of the industrial boom, capitalising on the coal and iron industry and the close knit communities that formed around collieries.

Caffe Bracchi is on the ground floor of the Welsh Mining Experience and, in 2019, was taken over by the award-winning Chocolate House, offering a delicious range of hot and cold meals and snacks, as well as refreshments.

Open daily from 9am-4:30pm, Tuesday to Saturday. Food service finishes at 3pm.